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  1. Bill, Many thanks to you and Alex for all of your time. I feel that I know far, far more about relics that I ever did before. I learned more about relics in one day than I had previously in all my entire collecting life.
    R.A., TN
  2. After taking Bill's authentication class and purchasing my microscope he opened up an entirely new area in collecting that has rewarded me many times. I still have questions about a few items, but He or Alex are always there to help. It's a real pleasure to being able to call them friends in the true sense. Thanks for the insight... too much fraud going on out there to be uninformed. E.Miller Cincinnati,Oh
    E. Miller
  3. As a neophyte artifact enthusiast I decided that Bill Jackson’s day course would be worthwhile. As it turns out, even after some years as a collector, it is still my best artifact day. The time spent with Bill was a most rewarding experience. Rarely do you meet someone who is at once a leading expert in their field and dedicated to sharing their knowledge. Based on the know-how I gained that day I have been able to progressively build my enjoyment and success collecting artifacts. Kudos Bill! Best regards,
    J.D., Indiana
  4. A friend and I flew down to Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, to take Bill Jackson's Artifact Evaluation Training Class and I have to say it was well worth the trip! The confidence and knowledge gained from his class is immeasurable. Having a mom that taught for over 30 years, I could sit back and observe Mr. Jackson's methods on his ability to not only show you what you needed to know, but also his ability to make sure you comprehended the knowledge he taught. Bottom line - he's very good, knowledgeable and will further your learning of artifacts and the artifact business. With fraud rampant, just one bad auction can cost you many times the money you will spend on the trip and class. If you are involved with artifacts it is well worth the trip. Whether it is the very next auction or a private collection you are buying from, you will buy with confidence and assurance that what you are paying for is a genuine (ancient) creation. Lastly, I'd be remiss to not mention the overall beauty of Mt. Sterling and the history, architecture, and hospitality of the people. They are all something to remember, it was a shame we could not stay longer.
    D.C., Pennsylvania
  5. Just a note of thanks for the incredible time we shared with you I must admit I never enjoyed a learning experience more than our time together. What you taught me is starting to sink in and I can now recognize a lot of it with the naked eye. I can't wait to get my microscope. (Thanks for a great deal!) I appreciate that along with the knowledge you gave me, you also gave me a lot of good advice that I will utilize. My wife and I would love to keep in touch with you and Donna and are honored to be able to call you our friends. Once again, thank you for giving us so much more than we paid for. I feel we got a real bargain and could not have asked for a better time or better hosts!
    M.W., Pennsylvania
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Bill Jackson

Staff Authenticator
      We pride ourselves on our world renowned Artifact Authentication service. To date we have evaluated over 450,000 ancient and historic era artifacts. We have built our reputation through consistent scientific analysis of the artifacts to determine their authenticity. We also offer a large selection of Microscopes, Display Frames, Reference Books, and other useful tools to aid your artifact collecting. Feel free to call us with your specific questions, and artifact related wants, wishes, and desires

     For many years we were known for selling quality Indian Artifacts through our sales catalogs and the Internet. We still offer a variety of artifacts for sale but in recent years we have directed our focus primarily to our Authentication and Appraisal services. Our approach to Artifact Authentication is completely objective and highly scientific. Our well-founded process is reliant on a highly scientific methodology based on facts compiled and corroborated by numerous related scientific papers by geologists, microbiologists, archaeologists, and forensic scientists… Click here to find out more.

     If you really want 'to know' the facts about artifacts you have found the right place. Not only are we able to evaluate authenticity but also are willing to teach you how to do it too! Be sure to call for details about our 'Artifact Evaluation Training Course' we offer. Click here to find out more. 

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